Membership Fees



Thank you for your valued membership. Please locate your member demographic provided below and the membership amount. Next, press the “Donate Now” button. Type in the membership amount in the $ section. Donate through Paypal or Credit Card.

Member Demographic and Amount Due:

16 – 40                                               $31.32

41 and Over                                       $61.32

Student                                               $11.32

Additional Household Members  $31.32

Additional Household Family Members: If you have additional household members who would like to join add $31.32 for each person to the total unless they are a student, then add $11.32.

We appreciate your support.

Donations:  We accept donations of any dollar amount. Press the “Donate Now” button and when the Donation Page appears type in the amount you would like to give.

Thank you

  • Price: $31.32 Quantity: