A Non-Profit, Non-Partisan Women’s Voter Organization


Linn County League

Members can become involved in and volunteer in the work done by any of the groups below. Members can help our league in many other ways too; volunteer recognition, writing letters to elected officials, taking pictures, baking, and doing research. Whatever your passion or talent, there is a way to share it as part of our league. Let us know!

Voter Services:

The voter services work is often the first thing people think of when they hear mention of the League of Women Voters. The basic principle of voter service is nonpartisanship—providing unbiased, factual information to help citizens make their own informed decisions on Election Day. We host voter registration events in neighborhoods year-round and at naturalization ceremonies for our newest citizens.


Legislator / Candidate Forums:

Our elected leaders make decisions that affect you—your job, health care, energy costs, security, and more. The League helps citizens get to know the candidates and the issues. When the Legislature is in session, the Linn County League hosts monthly candidate forums allowing citizens the opportunity to ask questions at a moderated event. In the fall, similar question and answer forums are held in all precincts where candidates are running for state, county, city or district offices.


Member Programs:

We have two different member meetings to accommodate busy schedules. Our monthly meetings take place the third week of the month. League members and the public can attend a lunch meeting, evening meeting, or both! Topics are planned by our member hosts and have ranged from touring the wind turbine at Kirkwood, to presentations by elected officials, college professors, local social service agencies, and finally to members interested in sharing their topical research. At monthly meetings, members get opportunities to meet, to mingle, and to walk away with new ideas.


State of the City/County Luncheons:

As each new year begins, the Linn County LWV asks our elected officials to provide an assessment of the condition of their city [Cedar Rapids, Marion] and of Linn County. Following their presentation, members of the audience are encouraged to ask questions regarding the remarks and other city/county issues. There is a charge for the meal but the presentation is open to the public and free seating is reserved for individuals who want to attendonly for the program.


Water Quality:

Clean water has been a focus for our League. This is also true of other Iowa Leagues and of surrounding states. So that we could combine our efforts to make changes, affect legislation, and educate the public, the ILO (Inter League Organization) was formed. The name of this ILO is UMRR (Upper Mississippi River Region). The four state leagues that are participating are Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

Expert analysis of water

Observer Corps:

Informed and active participation of citizens in government, increased understanding of major public policy issues, and influencing public policy through education and advocacy is an important part of the League of Women Voters. An Observer Corps helps meet that mission. By regularly attending public meetings of local governmental agencies, the Observer Corps’ members keep elected officials aware of the League’s interest in local government and help all the League’s members be better-informed citizens through the reports on those meetings.