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Welcome to the Linn County League of Women Voters!

If forums are canceled due to weather, LWVLC will inform you via KCRG.

Hear Local Lawmakers in Forums Hosted by League of Women Voters Linn County

Virtual forums aim to encourage dialogue.

Use this form to submit a question you would like to have asked at the Legislative Online Forum taking place at 10:30 am on Saturday, January 23, 2021.
January's forum will cover legislative topics concerning broadband access, education, child care access, Future Ready Iowa/Workforce development, and small business recovery. Other questions will be included if time allows.
Questions should not include opinion statements as part of the text. Questions may be edited for brevity, clarity, or be merged with similar questions on the same topic. Deadline for question submission is January 21st.

The League of Women Voters Linn County and its co-sponsors are inviting citizens to
participate virtually in the annual Legislative Forums that begin January 23.

The monthly Saturday morning forums of the 2021 Legislative session will be held online to protect participants' health. 

To view the live forum from 10:30-11:45 am, go to the co-sponsors website and click on LWV Linn County
Legislative Forum or go to the League of Women Voters Linn County website and click on the link.

Future Linn County forums will be held on Feb. 20th and March 20th.

To submit questions, go to the Legislative Forum Survey form on the League of Women Voters Linn County
website at lwvlinncounty.org by the Thursday prior to each Saturday’s forum. Each monthly forum has
recommended question topics which will be given priority. The question topics for the January forum are
currently posted on the League’s website. Questions on other topics will be addressed as time allows.

The Saturday, January 23, Forum is co-sponsored by the Gazette and will be moderated by Columnist/Editorial
Writer Adam Sullivan. The second online forum will be held Saturday, February 20, and is co-sponsored with
KGAN/Sinclair Broadcasting. News Anchor/Reporter Christopher King will be the moderator. The final online
forum of the legislative session will be held on Saturday, March 20 with co-sponsor KCRG News. Anchor/Reporter
Beth Maliki will be the moderator.

All area legislative representatives and Senators have been invited to participate: House District 65 Representative
Liz Bennett, House District 66 Representative Art Staed, House District 67 Representative Eric Gjerde, House
District 68 Representative Molly Donahoe, House District 69 Kirsten Running-Marquardt, House District 70
Representative Tracy Ehlert, Representative House District 95 Representative Charlie McClintock, Senate District
33 Senator Rob Hogg, Senate District 34 Senator Liz Mathis, Senate District 35 Senator Todd Taylor and Senate
District 48 Senator Dan Zumbach.

The forums are conducted by league members and community volunteers under LWV forum guidelines. The
League of Women Voters of Linn County conducts the forums as part of its voter education program. The League
of Women Voters Linn County is a non-profit volunteer political organization that neither supports or opposes any
candidate or political party, encourages citizen participation in government and is open to everyone 16 years and


Our Mission

  • Promote direct discourse and discussion of LWV-related issues with members, government representatives, and our community.

  • Educate and advocate our community on issues for the common good.

  • Share unbiased, fact-based information with members and the community.

  • Build social connections.

  • Nurture a passion for action.


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Please Connect with LWVLC President Jean McMenimen
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(319) 899-4255

Please Connect with LWVLC
President Jean McMenimen
for LWVLC information and Inquiry at:


(319) 899-4255

For Membership information ONLY,
Connect with Kelzye Bedwell at:


The League of Women Voters of Iowa Calls for Trump’s Impeachment


The League of Women Voters of Iowa is urging its members and all Iowa citizens to contact their state’s U.S. senators and representatives and demand the removal of Donald Trump from his office as president.

The League of Iowa’s call comes on the heels of Wednesday’s riot by insurrectionists at the national capitol in Washington, D.C., and an announcement Friday that the League’s national board is demanding Trump’s impeachment.

“For 100 years, the League of Women Voters has stood for defending America’s democracy and extending its benefits to all citizens through voter education and legislative initiative,” said League of Women Voters of Iowa President Terese Grant. “The attack of our nation’s capitol by a mob of insurgents was a direct result of President Donald Trump’s encouragement.

“Americans – and particularly those national lawmakers whose lives were put at risk by the attack – must act decisively and immediately to put a stop to Trump’s assault on American democracy,” Grant said. “Anything less will be breaking elected officials’ vow to protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States.”

The national League is calling upon Congress to immediately impeach Trump and disqualify him from holding future office. Failing that, the national board, which is led by former Des Moines physician Dr. Deborah Turner, is asking Vice President Mike Pence and members of the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Trump from office without delay.